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Forecasting Litecoin’s price for June 2023

Litecoin (LTC) is a digital asset that is designed to enable the instant peer-to-peer exchange of value at affordable rates. It was one of the first cryptocurrencies created after Bitcoin, and currently trades at $95.33, with a $6,963,264,296 market cap, according to CoinMarketCap. What does a price prediction for Litecoin (LTC) look like for June 2023?

Although May started out red for LTC, the coin saw a quick rebound into the green as the month concluded. Here is our price prediction for Litecoin in June 2023, and how we see the coin performing throughout the next month.

Litecoin Price Prediction for June 2023

LTC is already creeping up to $100, and as the Litecoin halving draws closer, that price may rise more. Price predictions of various crypto market watchers are up over the next few months for the coin, and June can be a month full of green for LTC.

According to Changelly market watchers and our analysis of Litecoin’s current price, LTC can potentially reach above $100 this month. It has the potential to hit a high of $102.33. Conversely, there is always a possibility for LTC to drop back down to as low as $85.89. However, predictions label that scenario unlikely.

Furthermore, as the LTC halving comes closer, LTC is likely to move above $100 more frequently. It may see an average of over $100 over the next two months.


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