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How to get TT-Swap: Earn Free TT

A lot of people are into cryptocurrencies in order to make a quick buck. Today’s post is dedicated exclusively to ways you can earn TT-Swap Coin for free or make money with TT-Swap. A diverse TT distribution by smart contract-based mining and many other mining methods will be presented.


Earning TT-Swap Coin Summary

While there are numerous ways to make money with TT-Swap, there are no free dinners at the end of the day. Earning TT-Swap online takes time and money, and most techniques that promise free TT-Swap aren’t worth your effort.

How can I get TT for FREE ?

People often believe that because TT-Swap is a new kind of currency, there must be some miraculous way to acquire TT-Swap or profit from it quickly.

While cryptocurrencies in general may open up new avenues for earning money, the fundamentals remain the same: you must commit time or money to generate money.

In this post, we will go through four alternative ways to earn TT-Swap.

  1. Airdrop Event

 Airdrop users follow Twitter pages, join Telegram groups and send personal Wallets. Within 24 hours, you will automatically receive a free TT token.

Step 2: You can sign up for a user account to get an additional 5000 TT for free and immediately withdraw it to your personal wallet (Tronlink).

Step 3: Users can buy TT at the price of the time they want to buy. Or by-through (lucky by round)

 This program will appear in 5 rooms with 5 different levels of participation,

🏨 Normal room 100 TRX

🏨 Standard room 500 TRX

🏨 Gold Room 1000 TRX

🏨 VIP Room 2500 TRX

🏨 Super VIP Room 5000 TRX Users choose to participate with the right TRX, each room when there are 5 buy orders will automatically result.

🏨 In 5 orders, there will be 1 lucky order to receive double the amount of TRX placed immediately after. The remaining 4 orders buy TT at the current price in that batch and get an additional 20% discount for each order.

Users can place multiple orders per round for a higher win rate. In case the order is placed at a certain room, after 5 days from the date of the first order and still not enough 5/5 orders, the system will default to end, you will be able to buy TT at the current price, and receive an additional 20% TT.

Step 4: Buy TT Users can buy TT with minimum starting price and Withdraw money to personal wallet instantly.

Payment method for internal transactions or transfers to each other. When there is enough time to sell batches, users can go to a third-party exchange.

During normal mining, TRX, JST, USDT, SUN, USDJ, WIN, BTTH high quality community projects and other mining pools will be established.

Users can participate in mining by staking different tokens on justSwap or Pancakeswap.

2. During November, around the beginning of December, there will be many major developments in the TT-Swap system. You can trade TTS on decentralized exchanges like Pancakeswap, and FMCPAY exchange.

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