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Investors are reeling from the TT-Swap craze

TT-Swap’s Application

The purpose of TT-Swap is to create a feeling of community where users can exchange ideas for fun activities, cryptocurrencies, and anything else they want to talk about. Developers will have direct access to these social channels and will be able to communicate with them directly to provide services, support, and even community involvement events such as marketing campaigns or gifts.

TT-Swap, like other well-known cryptocurrencies, was based on the concept of decentralised money, with its services and commodities available to anybody with an internet connection. Furthermore, TT-blockchain Swap’s technology offers smart contracts to customers, allowing developers to create apps for a variety of purposes.

Among the finished applications are financial solutions such as decentralized lending systems, crypto exchanges, and data services that can search several crypto exchanges for the best value. There are also decentralized applications for buying and trading gaming stuff, digital artworks, and other commodities.

TT-Swap Roadmap 

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Stage 1 Allocating TT Token to the community in the airdrop program and registering members at website, In 24 hours, all users with TT, will be returned to the Tronlink wallet, users Self-Governance.

Stage 2 Continue to allocate and swap from Tiktok Token ERC-20 to TT TRC20 during the 1 week period ending April 11th, and pre-sell TT Token rewards are available for each community connector.

Stage 3 Application to the ecosystem, free trade transactions, community connection, Sell TT-Swap Token through Lucky Buy Round program. Apply the new price increase formula, calculated according to the preset time.

Stage 4 Change and Swap, Convert from TRC20 to Binance Smart Chain Network (Bep20). Airdrop again to attract new community, with the amount of TTS new platform still left undistributed. List TT-Swap TTS (Bep20) on Pancakeswap and other exchanges in December 2021.

Outstanding Features

TTS Token trading Platform – Developed by a technology company with a  professional team and experienced experts in the field of blockchain technology, especially with leading artificial intelligence technology top of the world.

Support Supported on big exchanges DeFi and NFT exchanges

Speed Liquidity and fast transaction speed

Fee Low transaction costs

Farming Farming automatically up to 8%/month, 30% of transaction fees are allocated to Holders in DeFi fund – BNB

Security 100% account security

Governance Holders can use TTS to vote for governance proposals to change product parameters

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