PAYNET COIN – Revolutionize travel and tourism industry

Since January 2021 we have been working on publishing digital assets for the tourism and travel industry which included using 3d design technologies for the creation of international tourism destinations in the fields of ecotourism, luxury, business travel, history, culture and ecology.

In 2022 we looked into understanding new ways of buying and selling, exchanging these created artworks through a digitalised open payment ecosystem.  

A new universal token concept was created that would benefit, work and be accepted by consumers, businesses in the travel industry.  However the actual solution couldn’t be executed until now.  

​With current knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and adoption of new blockchain technologies, we can now integrate these solutions within the global travel industry, creating a good reliable database of clients that benefit businesses globally for a new sustainable future which is scalable, secure, fast and engaging.  

​PAYNET COIN has the potential to revolutionize the way that bookings can be made in the travel and tourism industry.

PAYNET COIN embraces the latest technologies that will provide a fulfilled experience for consumers and provide a variety of investment and consumable options in the digital online metaverse.

PAYNET COIN summarizes some of the existing problems and proposes a viable solution.

PAYNET COIN demonstrates how leveraging blockchain technology can be used to create a relevant ecosystem by a single global token which can revolutionize the industry in a sustainable way which is mutually beneficial for all relevant travel and tourism trade industry stakeholders.

PAYNET COIN is the first ecosystem built on the TRONS blockchain that will combine travel destinations, NFT marketplace, stakeholders from the travel and tourism trade industry, and the value of digital collectables, transforming it into a global digital business marketplace.

By integrating PAYNET COIN with TRC – a blockchain-based centralized financial system, PAYNET COIN will become a highly desirable, world travel experience, but also a tangible investment.

Useful tool which will be the primary method to store, trade or transact digital and tangible assets in the future.

Cryptocurrency allows users to send and receive data in a centralized and transparent way without the involvement of external bodies and third parties.

Cryptocurrency is widely adopted because of the non-existent need for an intermediary such as a financial institution that would otherwise augment the costs of transactions.

PAYNET COIN will seek leverage and the advantages of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to give consumers the rewards of this difference in lower costing and clear processing of data to all stakeholders.

PAYNET COIN will adopt this formula and provide an ecosystem with several highly-desirable features across the TRC20 blockchain.

A roadmap the world is waiting for

Paynet has reported success in developing a platform and accompanying tokens that can compete with some of the most well-known platforms in the world during the previous year. Their online network currently has over 30,000 members, with 19,000 on Twitter and another 20,000 in a Telegram support group.

PAYNET COIN is establishing commercial collaborations with significant tourism firms to exploit further strategic advantages, ensuring platform users continue to receive the finest benefits. The team is certain that by doing so, they will be able to continue to provide the highest level of satisfaction to their holders, as well as create one-of-a-kind travel experiences and accept PAYNET tokens on their services.


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