fmcpay arbitrum approves 50 million token reward proposal

Arbitrum approves 50 million token reward proposal

Today’s outstanding information is that Arbitrum approves 50 million token reward proposal to develop protocols in the system.

Recently, the Arbitrum system has had a lot of FUD from whales dumping tokens, DApps that don’t stand out, GMX launching V2 and flopping,…

Not to mention the price of tokens $ARB, $GMX, $RDNT, $MAGIC continuously bottomed.

It is unclear whether the air for protocols in the system is truly transparent or whether the air is for family members to create liquidity. $OP at the time of first fud Mcap has decreased from $250M to $70M.

The most recent adjustment reduced from $1B to only $300M (before token unlock). Meanwhile, $ARB is still around $1 billion of Marketcap. This is a relatively large valuation for this project.

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Other noteworthy news:

🔹 TON has a strategic partnership with DWF Labs, it seems that this way of building MM’s reputation to build the bear season is being responded to! 

🔹 Base Network surpasses ETH in TPS and surpasses Solana in TVL as of September 14

🔹 OKX has completed the 21st OKB burning, with a total of more than 6M OKB burned this time

🔹 The number of Opside testnet nodes has exceeded 24,000 becoming one of the largest testnets in the world.

🔹 zkEVM Scroll mainnet will launch within a few weeks, after undergoing testing and performing code checks, integrating Uniswap and Aave protocols. → Officially add a prominent L2 name before the Dencun update!

🔹 Multiswap DEX developed by CavalRe team on Avalanche allows swapping more than 300 tokens in the same transaction. → Only someone who launders money can have 300 swap tokens at a time ‘:V

🔹 Crypto startup Bastion attracts $25M seed investment led by a16z 

🔹 Grayscale abandoned selling 3.1 million ETHW because there was nowhere to guarantee the liquidity of ETHW. Therefore, exercising the right to sell ETHW is impossible.

🔹 Co-founder Wintermute fights with DWF Labs, claiming that DWF Labs’ behavior is manipulating the market and not creating liquidity for healthy development.

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