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2023-03-27 16:24:08
Several mainstream brands around the world have been expanding into the Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 space. The luxury brand Gucci is one such name. On Monday, March 27, the brand announced a multi-year partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Yuga Labs. Gucci x Yuga Lab’s partnership to help explore fashion x entertainment’s intersection According...
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2023-03-27 10:14:16
The phishing message on Discord offered “the opportunity to re-claim an additional stake in Arbitrum DAO Governance” while citing issues during the initial token claim drive. The crypto community’s warning against fake Arbitrum (ARB) airdrops materialized as hackers managed to drop a phishing link into Arbitrum’s official Discord server. On March 25, blockchain-focused security firm CetriK revealed...
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2023-03-25 11:18:07
The U.S. central bank’s liabilities may increase if more regional banks fail, creating an upside scenario for the price of Bitcoin. As of March 22, the United States Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has surged by nearly $94.5 billion — a $297 billion increase from the last week when the banking crisis started. New QE hopes boost Bitcoin’s price Overall, the...
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2023-03-25 08:48:57
In footage obtained by journalist Isabel Hunter, Terra founder Do Kwon is shown leaving a Montenegro court in handcuffs. Moreover, the footage arrives a day after Kwon was apprehended in a Montenegrin airport with falsified documents. The once professed “Crypto King,” has been the subject of a manhunt for months. Subsequently, Kwon was apprehended at Podgorica Airport in...
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2023-03-24 16:18:13
According to cryptocurrency analysis firm Santiment, whale activity for altcoins has risen recently. Numerous altcoins have seen transactions that are among the biggest of the year for the respective networks. According to Santiment, Polygon (MATIC) and (FET) had transactions over $40 million. The tweet also stated that following the hosting of several significant whale moves,...