Paynetcoin (PAYN) is officially listed on Coinstore

Paynetcoin (PAYN) is officially listed on Coinstore

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Paynetcoin (PAYN) is officially listed on Coinstore, offering a fresh opportunity for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Key Details:

  • Token Name: Paynetcoin 
  • Token symbol: PAYN
  • Contract Address: TQYuR8FpmhMJK3ZpfoTgERjaZRywqMnFAH
  • Listing Date: October 30, 2023, 8 AM (UTC-4)
  • Trading Pairs: PAYN/USDT
  • Platform: Coinstore

Discover Paynetcoin (PAYN): Unlocking Financial Freedom

Paynetcoin (PAYN) is a cryptocurrency owned by FMCPAY, and it’s nothing short of a game-changer in the world of digital currencies. PAYN tackles the challenges of scalability and usability, specifically in the payments arena for the global travel and service industries.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, Paynetcoin is poised to revolutionize payments within these sectors, providing a solution that’s not only scalable but also exceptionally user-friendly. Whether you’re booking airline tickets, reserving hotel accommodations, or making various other travel-related transactions, PAYN is set to enhance your payment experience significantly.

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Why Choose Coinstore?

Coinstore is a trusted and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, renowned for its robust security measures and a wide range of digital assets. With the addition of Paynetcoin (PAYN), Coinstore is further committed to delivering an exceptional trading experience to its users.

Start Trading $PAYN on Coinstore

  • Deposit time: 2023/10/30 8:00(UTC-4)
  • Trade time: 2023/10/30 8:00(UTC-4))
  • Withdrawal time: 2023/10/30 8:00(UTC-4)

Stay Updated!

The listing of Paynetcoin (PAYN) on Coinstore represents a significant milestone for the PAYN community and the broader cryptocurrency community. We encourage you to stay informed about the latest developments related to PAYN and Coinstore.

For more information and to start trading PAYN, please visit the official Coinstore website.

Don’t miss out on this remarkable listing event. Your participation is vital to the success of Paynetcoin (PAYN) on Coinstore.

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