Join the FMCPAY Affiliate Program

Share FMCPAY with your friends and earn up to 50% lifetime commissions on every successful trade they make!

If you think cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech can make the world a better place, be part of the FMCPAY Affiliate Program. Get cool rewards when you introduce your friends to FMCPAY, the top cryptocurrency exchange worldwide.


What is the FMCPAY Affiliate Program?

With the FMCPAY Affiliate Program, you can share your special link and earn up to 50% commission on each valid trade.

When people sign up for FMCPAY through your link, you get credit for every successful referral. You’ll earn commissions on all their trades, whether it’s in FMCPAY Spot or Margin trading. The best part? There’s no limit on how much you can earn, and it lasts forever – all with that same referral link. Start making commissions now!

How to start earning with FMCPAY Affiliate Program? 

Step 1: Start your journey as an FMCPAY Affiliate

Complete the application form above. Once your application is received, our team will review it to ensure you meet the specified criteria. Upon approval, you will officially become an affiliate.

Step 2: Create and share your referral links

Create and manage your referral links right from your FMCPAY account. You can track the performance of each referral link you share. You can generate custom referral links for each of your channels, or for different discounts you would like to share with your community. 

Step 3: Enjoy passive income

Sit back and watch your earnings grow as individuals sign up for FMCPAY accounts through your referral links. Earn a lifelong commission each time they successfully complete a trade. It’s a simple and rewarding way to generate income effortlessly.


  • Social media account with 5,000+ followers or subscribers on one or more social media platforms (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Crypto Communities 

  • Financial leaders or opinion leaders with a community of 500+ members on one or more community groups (Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Reddit, QQ, VK)


  • User base of 2,000+
  • Market analysis platform with 5,000+ daily visits. 
  • Industry media platform
  • Crypto fund
  • Aggregate trading platform

Benefits of Affiliates and Traders

For Affiliates

Category % of Comission Note
Spot Affiliates 40% FMC holding requirement waived


With the promised commission, FMCPAY’s referral program is expected to explode in the near future

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