fmcpay binance claims code leak on github is outdated

Binance claims code leak on GitHub is ‘outdated,’ poses minor risk

Binance Exchange has denied the leak of important internal data to GitHub, stating that this is all outdated data and does not affect users.


Binance has refuted a report claiming that a “highly sensitive” cache of internal passwords and code had been exposed on GitHub for months. Binance argues that the code was outdated and posed a “negligible risk.” The report, published on January 31 by 404 Media, suggested the presence of a cache containing “code, infrastructure diagrams, internal passwords, and other technical information,” including details about how the exchange handles passwords and multifactor authentication. Binance successfully requested GitHub to remove the files through a copyright takedown request on January 24, citing the information’s unauthorized posting and “significant risk.”

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A redacted screenshot of the information formerly available on GitHub. Source: 404 Media

A Binance spokesperson stated that the individual who shared the information on GitHub had posted “very outdated information,” and the security team confirmed that the cache did not resemble their current production environment. Binance asserted that the information posed negligible risk, as it was so outdated that it would be unusable by any third parties or malicious actors.

Despite this, Binance took action to protect its intellectual property, issuing a takedown request with GitHub and pursuing legal action against the user. However, there seems to be a discrepancy between Binance’s public statement and the language used in its request to GitHub, which repeatedly states that the information poses a significant risk and causes severe financial harm to Binance. Further questions on the matter directed at Binance remain unanswered.

Google allows running Bitcoin spot ETF ads

December 2023, Google has updated some restrictions related to crypto advertising. To date, the search engine has adjusted to allow advertising of Bitcoin spot ETFs – which the Securities Commission (SEC) passed in mid-January.

Terms of advertising financial assetsGoogle’s is currently as follows:

“Google allows advertising of cryptocurrency trusts located within the United States, provided the advertiser has successfully registered under Section 12 of the Exchange Act using form 10-12g. Reporting requirements… and any other local legal requirements must also be complied with. Advertisers must also be certified by Google.”

This update will take effect from January 29, 2024.

It is known that some managed funds have started promoting their Bitcoin ETF products on Google. BlackRock, VanEck or Franklin Templeton were found to have advertised as sponsored links in search results.

Token Unlock in February 2024: Implications for Major Projects

  • February 1 – dYdX (DYDX) unlocked 33.33 million tokens (accounting for 10.53% of circulating supply), worth 91 million USD.
  • February 11 – Aptos (APT) unlocked 24.84 million tokens (accounting for 7.37% of circulating supply), worth 229 million USD.
  • February 14 – The Sandbox (SAND) unlocked 205.59 million tokens (accounting for 9.19% of the circulating supply), worth 93 million USD.
  • February 22 – Avalanche (AVAX) unlocked 9.54 million tokens (accounting for 2.6% of circulating supply), worth 315 million USD.

token unlock feb

Other unlocks

  • February 1 – STEPN (GMT): 891,000 USD
  • February 1 – (YFI): 1,240 USD
  • February 1 – Akash Network (AKT): 233,500 USD
  • February 1 – Tornado Cash (TORN): 157,670 USD
  • February 1 – Acala (ACA): 2.24 million USD
  • February 1 – Euler (EUL): 400,090 USD
  • February 5 – Liquidity (LQTY): 834,840 USD
  • February 5 – Galxe (GAL): 9.58 million USD
  • February 7 – Hashflow (HFT): 4.41 million USD
  • February 9 – GMX (GMX): 18,840 USD
  • February 11 – Moonbeam (GLMR): 1.16 million USD
  • February 14 – CyberConnect (CYBER): 16.9 million USD
  • February 15 – Blur (BLUR): 1.34 million USD
  • February 16 – Flow (FLOW): 1.95 million USD
  • February 17 – ApeCoin (APE): 21.53 million USD
  • February 18 – Manta Network (MANTA): 24.07 million USD
  • February 18 – Oasis Network (ROSE): 18.45 million USD
  • February 19 – sudoswap (SUDO): 4,480 USD
  • February 19 – Algorand (ALGO): 410,980 USD
  • February 22 – SPACE ID (ID): 5.25 million USD
  • February 23 – ImmutableX (IMX): 2.39 million USD
  • February 27 – Yield Guild Games (YGG): 7.54 million USD
  • February 28 – SingularityNET (AGIX): 2.41 million USD



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