FMCPAY announce close Paynetcoin PAYN BEP20 network

FMCPAY announces close Paynetcoin (PAYN) BEP20 network

Dear FMCPAY Community,

Due to some inconveniences affecting user rights, FMCPAY will terminate the connection to the BNB network (BEP20) of Paynetcoin (PAYN).

FMCPAY will continue to support assets and digital networks on our platform. Users can utilize the Tron network (TRC20) to deposit/withdraw Paynetcoin on FMCPAY after December 27, 2023.


Starting from December 28, 2023, users will no longer be able to deposit or withdraw Paynetcoin (PAYN) using the BNB network (BEP20). We appreciate your support.


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