fmcpay terraform to pay 4 47b to settle sec civil lawsuit

Terraform to pay $4.47B to settle SEC civil lawsuit

The settlement resolves a civil lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission after Terraform’s collapse in 2022.
Terraform Labs has agreed to pay approximately $4.47 billion to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as part of their settlement. The total penalties include around $3.6 billion in disgorgement fines, a $420 million civil penalty, and nearly $467 million in prejudgment interest.

This settlement follows a jury’s decision finding Terraform Labs and its co-founder liable for the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, which resulted in a $40 billion loss for investors.

According to the settlement plan, former Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon is responsible for $110 million in disgorgement penalties, $80 million in civil penalties, and about $14.3 million in prejudgment interest fines. The settlement filing outlines the immediate and short-term steps to be taken.

Page 8 of the SEC settlement documents. Source: Court Listener

The filing also mandated the transfer of all crypto assets held by the Luna Foundation Guard and all Pyth Network (PYTH) tokens from Kwon to cover the disgorgement fines and prejudgment interest. Any remaining proceeds from the sale of these assets will be applied to the civil penalties.

A Quick History of SEC v Terraform Labs

The SEC brought a lawsuit against Terraform Labs in 2023, charging the company and its founder, Do Kwon, with selling unregistered securities and defrauding investors following the collapse of the Terra ecosystem.

In 2022, the TerraUSD algorithmic stablecoin began to exhibit instability, causing a massive investor withdrawal from the Terra ecosystem, similar to a bank run.

Soon after, as fear spread throughout the market, TerraUSD lost its dollar peg and crashed, leading to billions in losses for asset holders.

Uncertain Future for Founder Do Kwon

Do Kwon’s future remains uncertain as the courts in Montenegro continue to debate his situation.

Montenegrin courts have repeatedly changed their stance on whether to extradite Kwon. His legal team claims that improper procedures and filings in lower courts have compromised the legal process in their numerous appeals.

Currently, the high court in Montenegro is still deciding whether to extradite Kwon to South Korea or to the United States to face charges.

Litecoin stays under $80: What’s stopping LTC’s rise?

Litecoin [LTC] has been showing bearish signals consistently over the past month, indicating that bullish momentum is struggling to gain traction.

Current Market Situation

At the time of writing, Litecoin has increased by 2% in the last twenty-four hours, likely due to the latest U.S. CPI data release. Could this be a sign that the bulls are starting to take control?

Source: TradingView

Technical Analysis

The LTC/USDT chart reveals that the 50-day moving average (MA50 — blue line) has recently crossed below the 200-day moving average (MA200 — red line), forming a “death cross,” which is a classic bearish indicator suggesting long-term momentum has turned negative. However, the exponential moving average (green line) remains above these averages, indicating some short-term volatility.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 61.78, placing it neither in overbought nor oversold territory, implying that while there isn’t extreme buying or selling pressure, the market sentiment is slightly bullish in the short term.

Market Sentiment and Activity

The persistent bearish signals over the past month may have shaken investor confidence. For bulls to regain control, a significant catalyst or a broader market recovery would be necessary.

jai ltc santiment

However, there has been a noticeable increase in Daily Active Addresses, peaking recently alongside the price turnaround. Additionally, social volume and dominance are on the rise.

Litecoin’s Fear and Greed Index also indicates a positive sentiment, sitting comfortably in the “Greed” zone with a score of 68%, suggesting that traders and investors are in an accumulation phase, which often precedes a rally.

jai ltc fud

Derivatives Market

In the derivatives market, bears still dominate LTC. Despite a modest rise in Open Interest, trading volume has significantly declined.

jai ltc derivatives data

The overall long/short ratio was also bearish. But traders on Binance [BNB] and OKX remained bullish.

All in all, for LTC, while there was not overwhelming market participation, those involved were becoming slightly more bullish than bearish.


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