the fed will keep interest rates unchanged in september is 93

The FED will keep interest rates unchanged in September is 93%

During the Token2049 event, numerous projects made updates amid a significant drop in BTC and the market. At this point, the market appears to want further adjustment, but whether it will follow the crowd or move in the opposite direction remains to be seen. Careful observation is needed!

The most notable information at the moment is still the announcement of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) by the Federal Reserve of the United States.

The probability that the Fed will keep interest rates unchanged in September is 93%

According to CME’s “Fed Watch”:

  • The probability that the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates unchanged at 5.25%-5.50% in September is 93%, the probability of increasing interest rates by 25 bps to about 5.50%-5.75% is 7%;
  • The probability of keeping the interest rate unchanged until November is 56.9%, the probability of a cumulative interest rate increase of 25 bps is 40.4% and the probability of a cumulative interest rate increase of 50 bps is 2.7%.

Manta Network officially launched Pacific Alpha Mainnet, allowing EVM dApps to integrate zk technology directly, the testnet numbers are quite impressive → Easy to get delicious airdrops.

LayerZero announced that Google Cloud oracle is now available on LayerZero. Google Cloud verifies the validity of every “message” in LayerZero by default.

MetaMask Wallet launches MetaMask Snaps allowing anyone to add features and functionality from independent developers to their MetaMask. Anyone (dev) can develop features on MetaMask through Snaps → MetaMask officially becomes Modular Wallet!

Immediately after MetaMask Snaps launched, dApps on StarkNet quickly supported this → There is a connection from before!

Safe (prev. Gnosis Safe) is officially available on zkSync → Optimism previously chose Safe as the Airdrop bonus condition!

$1.5 trillion asset management firm Franklin Templeton files for Spot #Bitcoin ETF

3 consecutive Game projects successfully raised capital.

  • Game studio Pahdo Labs raises $15M Series A round led by a16z.
  • Studio Web3 GamePhilos ended seeding with $8M with the participation of Animoca.
  • Animoca’s Mocaverse successfully raises an additional $20M in equity.

→ The proportion of investment in the GameFi segment has always been in the Top 2 and 3 since the downtrend until now, but very few investors are interested in this segment!

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