Wall Street Memes WSM- The Biggest Meme Coin ICO Raised $30M: Could lead the Meme trend?

Wall Street Memes WSM coin ICO is on the brink of making history as it approaches its presale closing time, with less than 10 hours remaining and nearly $30M raised.

In just the past 48 hours, the fundraising campaign has witnessed a staggering influx of over $2M, as eager buyers rush to secure their positions in what has evolved into a crypto phenomenon.

To put this into perspective, when Dogecoin made its debut, it had a market capitalization of $2.1 million. In a remarkable contrast, Wall Street Memes has already amassed ten times that amount. This unprecedented level of support has established it as an exceptionally robust platform, poised for a potentially explosive price surge in the world of meme coin ICOs.

What Is Wall Street Memes WSM?

The emerging meme coin project is dedicated to revitalizing the retail trader community and the ‘meme stocks’ movement, which gained notoriety through the iconic short squeezes involving GameStop and AMC. 

This innovative initiative represents a fusion of the retail trading phenomenon and the widespread appeal of meme coins within the cryptocurrency trading community. Wall Street Memes WSM aims to ‘tokenize the movement’ that empowered everyday individuals to challenge the dominance of Wall Street. 

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Wall Street Memes WSM Tokenomics

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the project’s team has a track record of success in the NFT space. They have previously launched noteworthy NFT projects such as the Wall St Bulls collection on OpenSea and, more recently, the Wall St Bulls Ordinals on Magic Eden. This demonstrates their expertise and commitment to making a significant impact in the digital asset and cryptocurrency space. In 2023, the meme cryptocurrency market has witnessed impressive growth in PEPE.

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4,700 Wall Street Memes WSM buys on Ethereum presale smart contract in the past 24 hours

Wall Street Memes WSM currently boasts an attractive price of just $0.0337, representing a remarkable one-time low. Over the past 24 hours, our sources indicate a significant surge in interest, with approximately 4,700 purchases recorded on the Ethereum presale contract. 

Even major exchanges have recognized the fervor surrounding this project and are eagerly jumping on board, identifying it as a potential source of robust trading activity. Moreover, the clock is ticking, with just one day remaining until Wall Street Memes makes its debut on what the team refers to as ‘multiple tier 1 exchanges.’

Wall Street Memes WSM is on a mission to transform the landscape of investing, offering a unique opportunity for individual investors to outperform Wall Street giants. Leveraging its track record of becoming the ‘King of Stonks’ in traditional stocks, it is now bringing this success to the world of cryptocurrency. 

While this may seem like a formidable challenge, token buyers are captivated by the impressive social community that the team has painstakingly cultivated over the past three years. This loyal and engaged following is a testament to the project’s potential and its ability to rally the support of the crypto community.

Wall Street Memes WSM has the large launch community

Wall Street Memes not only stands as the premier meme coin ICO globally but also boasts one of the most extensive meme coin communities, with a staggering tally of over one million followers spanning all major social platforms. 

The Wall Street Bets Instagram account alone commands a substantial audience of 539,000 dedicated followers, while the X (formerly Twitter) account enjoys a robust following of 279,000 enthusiasts. Additionally, the project has harnessed the power of two other Instagram channels, wallstgonewild and wallstbullsnft, collectively amassing an additional 100,000 followers. 

With such a vast and engaged social presence right from the outset of its meme coin journey, Wall Street Memes WSM unequivocally claims the title of possessing the largest community of any cryptocurrency in its nascent stages.

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