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Why you should own TT-Swap Coin (TT)

TT-Swap is the crystallization of a social network, the world’s largest cryptocurrency-based idea, a new upgrade, meeting payment transaction services in the ecosystem. Global eco, gift replacement and bonus points for millions of users. 

Total supply 157 billion TT-Swap Token and will burn 90%, with lowest price.

TT Swap Total Supply

TTSwap Token will bring the community closer to crypto and become richer than ever, Handing over the power to the community to own. The rest will be burned, expected to burn Tokens up to 90%. With the total supply of 157 Billion, TTSwap is promised to improve the state of liquidity in the marketplace –  formalizing the model for pooling liquidity reserves. 

TT-Swap Roadmap

TT Swap Roadmap

Phase 1

TT-Swap (TT) Tokens will be redeemed to Binance Smart Chain’s Bep20 platform by the end of November 2021 

Allocating TT Token to the community in the Airdrop program and registering members at website, In 24 hours, all users with TT, will be returned to the Tronlink wallet, users Self-Governance.  

Phase 2

Continue to allocate and swap from Tiktok Token ERC-20 to TT TRC20 during the 1 week period ending April 11th, and pre-sell TT Token rewards are available for each community connector.

Phase 3

Change and Swap, Convert from TRC20 to Binance Smart Chain Network (Bep20)

Phase 4

Airdrop again to attract new community, with the amount of TT new platform still left undistributed. List TT-Swap TT (Bep20) on Pancakeswap and other exchanges in December 2021.


In December, 2021 TT-Swap TT will officially trade on FMCPAY Exchange.


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