fmcpay are memecoins driving the crypto boom after bitcoin halving

Are memecoins driving the crypto boom after Bitcoin halving?

The halving of Bitcoin frequently presents altcoins and the cryptocurrency asset market as a whole with large upside potential. Memecoins benefit greatly from this similar time, and DOGE is one of them. It is important to be aware of prospects, particularly given the dynamic nature of this sector. Let’s examine the forecasts for BONK Coin and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Bitcoin halving leads to a rise in memecoin price

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been one of the cryptocurrency assets that has stood out for its increases during the recent Bitcoin halving. Its trade volume reached an astounding amount of 1.193 billion dollars in just one day. Consequently, SHIB’s price shot up 2.23% and is currently trading at $0.000024.

Experts say that this spike is not a coincidence. They do anticipate that the SHIB rally may carry on in the upcoming days. By the end of this month, some even do not rule out the potential that this cryptocurrency may reach a new all-time high.

Forecasts for Bonk

Not only Shiba Inu is a memecoin that gains from this advantageous dynamic. Bonk Coin (BONK) is likewise seeing an amazing resurgence. This coin with a hilarious theme had a price increase of more than 8%, helped by the current wave of optimism sweeping the cryptocurrency market.

Analysts anticipate that BONK may close above the crucial $0.00002210 barrier. Therefore, in the medium run, nothing could stop it from reaching levels of $0.00002507 or even $0.00002948.

A probable cause of considerable increases

Numerous analysts concur that the current surge in memecoin values might potentially indicate a broader rising trend. When these digital assets begin to rise in value, investors are showing a greater willingness to take on risk. Generally speaking, this tendency draws money to altcoins, which are seen as being more speculative than Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Bitcoin fees crash after record daily average of $128 on halving day

The miners’ halved block subsidy was more than offset by the spike in block fees on the day of the half, but that is no longer the truth.

Just one day after hitting a record high of $128 on April 20, the day of the fourth Bitcoin halving, the average fees paid on the cryptocurrency have dropped precipitously.

According to, the average charge for medium-priority Bitcoin (BTC) transactions as of April 21 is $8–10.

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Average daily transaction fee on Bitcoin over the last five years. Source: Y Charts

According to Crypto Fees, only one day prior, Bitcoin had surpassed Ethereum by more than 24 times, with a total fee of $78.3 million.

In the Bitcoin halving block at block height 840,000, a whopping 37.7 Bitcoin ($2.4 million) were paid to Bitcoin miner ViaBTC, making it the most sought-after piece of digital real estate in the network’s 15-year history.

The competition among memecoin and nonfungible token aficionados to inscribe and etch uncommon satoshis using the Runes protocol, a new token standard that debuted at the halving block, accounted for a large portion of the demand at block 840,000.

That block had 3050 transactions, indicating that the typical user spent a little under $800.

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Largest fees by blockchains and decentralized finance projects on April 20. Source: Crypto Fees claims that until about block 840,200, there were higher-than-normal block fees; after that, block costs dropped to about 1-2 Bitcoin.

The miners were originally unaffected by the block subsidy halves from 6.25 Bitcoin to 3.125 Bitcoin because of the significant block fee distributions they received during the halving day.

However, as the average block charge is now much lower than 3.125, that is no longer the truth.

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Total fees for block 840,266 came out at 1.64 BTC. With the new block subsidy of 3.125, total rewards came out at 4.76 BTC. Source:

Between April 15 and April 20, Bitcoin’s fees have now surpassed Ethereum’s for six days running, with an average charge of $17.8 million for the past seven days.

The price of Bitcoin has increased 1.5% to $64,840 since the halving event, indicating that it had no discernible effect.

What happens after XRP Whale moves 129 million XRP during suit rumors against SEC and Ripple?

The transfer of about 129 million XRP by XRP whales has caused speculation in the cryptocurrency market, particularly as Ripple moves into a pivotal stage in the SEC litigation.

Whales make noteworthy swings in the XRP market amid the growing rumors surrounding the Ripple and SEC case. Notably, market participants are taking notice of the notable movement of 129 million XRP by well-known investors, which has sparked concerns about possible ramifications for Ripple’s legal dispute.

In light of the present legal processes, let us examine the recent whale behaviors and their relevance.

Whale transactions amid lawsuit speculation

Another level of excitement is added by noteworthy whale activity in the XRP market, as rumors about the result of the Ripple v. SEC litigation circulate. An unidentified whale with the wallet address “r4wf7…h4Rzn” moved 28.8 million XRP to the Bitstamp exchange, causing watchers to argue, according to on-chain data from Whale Alert.

Given that Ripple has already acquired a stake in Bitstamp, some assume that this move may be a part of its efforts to regulate liquidity, while others perceive it as a selloff plan.

Setting the scene, Bitstamp and Ripple’s partnership on XRP-based cross-border payments – previously referred to as ODL (On-Demand Liquidity) – makes the whale transaction even more difficult to understand. To enable smooth international money transfers using XRP and eliminate the requirement for pre-funded accounts, Ripple frequently makes these transactions to the cryptocurrency exchange.

The complex forces at work inside the Ripple ecosystem and their effect on market sentiment are highlighted by this strategic alliance.

However, a further noteworthy transfer of 100 million XRP has contributed to the current conversations among the XRP community. Ahead of the Ripple v. SEC case, curiosity has been aroused by the transfer of 100 million XRP from one anonymous wallet to another anonymous wallet, according to Whale Alert.

XPR price as Ripple vs. SEC enters pivotal phrase

The Ripple v. SEC litigation approaches a pivotal phase against the backdrop of increased market activity, interspersed with significant legal developments. Expectations about the future of the litigation are growing as Ripple Labs’ defense team gets ready to submit its opposition brief in response to the SEC’s remedies-related brief.

Notably, Ripple’s legal approach and possible results are being closely examined in light of the SEC’s desire for a final judgment and significant fines.

But today is a crucial day in the legal process since Ripple is supposed to respond to the SEC’s accusations in a sealed document; the public will likely see a redacted version of the answer in the next few days. The result of this most recent file and the continuing legal proceedings will probably impact market sentiment and XRP’s price trajectory in the coming days.

As of this writing, the price of XRP has increased by 1.59% to $0.5374, but its trading volume has decreased by 4.16% to $1.06 billion. The cryptocurrency has simultaneously seen a monthly loss of more than 15% and an increase of around 5% during the previous seven days.


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