ChainLink will pump?

The most noteworthy news today is about the ChainLink project. ChainLink will be a project of great interest if there is an explosion in the RWA trend.

ChainLink stocks owned whales recently soared to a new weekly high. On the other side, the growth and development of the network ChainLink ended the week on a weekly basis minimum. 

ChainLink has previously partnered with DTCC and ANZ. In the past 24 hours, Link has also had a significant price increase of about 6%.

Check Out the Latest Prices, Charts, and Data of  USDT/ LINK 

Other noteworthy news:

🔹 SEC gets the green light to unseal documents in a lawsuit against Binance. US. Initially, these documents were sealed, meaning only the relevant parties knew the contents. However, this decision will give the public insight into the 16 documents incriminating Binance. US. Is something wrong with Binance.US?

🔹 HashKey Exchange announces opening bank transfer feature in 17 countries and regions including Hong Kong and the United States. It feels like this exchange is backed or something!

🔹 Tipcoin cried due to a broken drive leading to the loss of some data, so the Token launch was postponed to September 19. This is very similar to Trait Sniper’s previous post:

🔹 Nansen 2 officially launched as part of the Token2049 event

🔹 Famtom also revealed its plan to improve the ecosystem with Fantom 2.0 during the panel at Token2049.

🔹 Justin Sun is “making headlines” with the minting of $815M worth of TrueUSD (TUSD), even though the stablecoin is experiencing “limited adoption” in the industry. Likes mint, then mint? Brief guarantee = T-Bills of unknown total value? Too much ambiguity!

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