FOMC meeting and US 10-Year Treasury Yield Rises

The most noteworthy macroeconomic news is still the 10-year US Treasury bond yield reaching its highest level in 16 years as the FOMC meeting maintains its interest rate outlook

The FOMC meeting and the Fed interest rate announcement

This is due to rising oil prices and strong economic data from the US and Canada, which increase the chances of future interest rate hikes.

Meanwhile, Brent crude oil has surpassed $95, reaching its highest level in 10 months, thanks to OPEC+ production cuts, which have raised concerns about inflation.

In a few hours, the Fed will announce its interest rate plans and the official minutes of the FOMC meeting. This will be important news for the market and will help determine the market’s direction in the coming months.

See information about the FOMC meeting at: 

The Link project is continuing to be accumulated by whales

As updated, Upbit is showing signs of accumulating LINK. Not long ago, Upbit transferred approximately $700K worth of LINK to their wallet.

It seems like LINK is getting the attention of major market makers (MM). This will be a project to watch in the near future.

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The other News: 

  • Binance.US responds to requests for SEC documents. CZ also moved to refute that Binance.US does not use and has never used Ceffu or Binance Custody.
  • Galxe 2.0 includes the Galxe mobile app (available on Testflight early Q4), Smart Balance (launching late September), Web3 Score (launched), Telegram & Discord Bot V2 and Galxe ID V2 ( launch at the end of September), etc.
  • Metis launches Metis Journey incentive program worth $5M, distributes strategic tokens for Aave V3 for the first time → Money-sucking move!
  • The new ERC-7512 standard aims to increase the security of Ethereum smart contracts by standardizing on-chain smart contract audit verification. This proposal was jointly proposed by developers from projects such as Safe, Ackee Blockchain, OtterSec, ChainSecurity, OpenZeppelin and Hats Finance.
  • Centrifuge will deploy liquidity pool testnet on Arbitrum and Base
  • Worldcoin co-founder and CEO Alex Blania and his chief legal counsel were arrested by Kenyan authorities at Nairobi Airport. The US government later intervened, saying they had not been found guilty and should be allowed to leave.
  • NEO Mainnet v.3.6.0 upgrade and Basilisk Hardfork scheduled for September 22
  • $STX – Stacks plans to launch the sBTC Testnet in October, in collaboration with $ALEX, aimed at promoting Bitcoin liquidity.
  • $SPELL – In half a day, DWF Labs deposited 330 million SPELL (about 1.8 million USD) into Binance.
    Note – DWF Labs seeks a $1.8 million SPELL loan and purchases $1 million worth of tokens at a 15% discount, locked for 24 months from future SPELL emissions
  • $CFG – Today the Arbitrum and Base testnets went live. And Circle just enabled USDC on Polkadot and Centrifuge which is in the Polkadot ecosystem. It is worth noting that the projects listed on Coinbase are paired with USDC.
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