Google Cloud adds data support for 11 more blockchains

Google Cloud is making significant strides in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space by expanding support for various blockchains within its BigQuery data analytics service. This move underscores Google’s recognition of the growing importance of blockchain technology and the data it generates.

Google Cloud announcement

Cloud has augmented its BigQuery service, the data analytics platform originally introduced in 2010, by incorporating 11 additional blockchains into its public data repositories. 

Here are the 11 in-demand chains Google Cloud is adding to the BigQuery public datasets:

  • Avalanche 
  • Arbitrum 
  • Cronos 
  • Ethereum (Görli) 
  • Fantom (Opera) 
  • Near 
  • Optimism 
  • Polkadot 
  • Polygon Mainnet 
  • Polygon Mumbai 
  • Tron

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Google Cloud has designated these blockchains as “in-demand,” enabling users to access valuable insights into various aspects, including the movement of assets between wallets, the popularity of tokens, and the dynamics of user interactions with smart contracts. 

Google noted that expanding access to a broader range of networks can enable inquisitive individuals to address such questions “without the burdensome responsibilities of running nodes or upkeeping an indexer.” 

Google Cloud made Bitcoin blockchain data accessible through BigQuery

The cloud service provider cited the need for developers to have access to a variety of public datasets as they query more chains.

“We’re doing this because blockchain foundations, Web3 analytics firms, partners, developers, and customers tell us they want a more comprehensive view across the crypto landscape, and to be able to query more chains. They want to answer complex questions and verify subjective claims…”

James Tromas, the Head of Web3, and Alberto Martin, the Director of Web3 Product Management, articulated that both developers and users are seeking precise answers to crucial questions such as “How many NFTs were minted today across three specific chains?” “What is the comparative analysis of transaction fees across different chains?” and “How many active wallets are currently on the top EVM chains?” 

Expansion for developers

Google Cloud initiated the provision of blockchain datasets in 2018, commencing with the introduction of data related to the Bitcoin (BTC) Network. Approximately a year later, it expanded its offerings to include data from Ethereum. 

Currently, the company boasts a comprehensive collection of 21 blockchains, encompassing assets such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic, all accessible through its BigQuery platform. 

BigQuery serves as an online data warehouse, enabling users to efficiently query stored data for specific information. Notably, Google Cloud has reaffirmed its commitment to the blockchain space, particularly through collaborations with lighting infrastructure firm Voltage and Orderly Network, aimed at furnishing decentralized applications with off-chain tools. 

Google Cloud and Web3

As far back as October 2020, the cloud company has demonstrated a keen interest in playing a role in shaping the future of the technology ecosystem, which has witnessed the emergence of blockchain as a pivotal component in the evolution of services like data computing and management. 

Google Cloud became an active participant in the blockchain space by joining EOS, a blockchain community, and serving as one of the block producers within that ecosystem. Since then, it has continued to take significant strides in this domain. These efforts include forging partnerships with notable entities such as Zilliqa, Coinbase, Aptos, Polygon, Celo, and LayerZero, underscoring its commitment to advancing blockchain technologies.

Additionally, Google Cloud has established a Web3 startup program, further solidifying its dedication to fostering innovation in the blockchain and decentralized web arena.

Google Cloud is partnerships with notable entities such as Zilliqa, Coinbase, Aptos, Polygon, Celo, and LayerZero

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