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What Makes Cathie Wood Positive About Solana

What Makes Cathie Wood Positive About Solana. Daily News 17/11

What Makes Cathie Wood Positive About Solana

The CEO of ARK Invest, Cathie Wood, has lately expressed her opinions about Solana, a stock that has seen a significant price increase.
Wood commended the blockchain protocol’s usefulness and affordability in remarks made earlier this week, particularly in contrast to Ethereum.
“Solana is performing admirably. In the past, Ethereum was more affordable and speedier than Bitcoin. She said that Solana is quicker and less expensive than Ethereum in a Tuesday interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”
The day after her remarks, Solana experienced a 15% boost in value, and her SOL token’s price increased to around 200%, with the $100 aim in sight. As of this writing, SOL was trading at $62, having gained an additional $10 since her Tuesday remarks, according to CoinGecko.
Wood had previously commended Solana, so her feelings this week are consistent with her earlier remarks.
In a subsequent CNBC interview on November 1, Wood emphasized Solana’s effectiveness and suggested that it may surpass Ethereum in terms of speed and affordability.
Though she has frequently expressed her dissatisfaction with the US regulatory framework, Cathie Wood has long been a supporter of Bitcoin and the larger cryptocurrency sector.
She has criticized the SEC for taking too long to approve a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), speculating that Chairman Gary Gensler’s political aspirations may have had a role. She has also refuted claims of market manipulation by highlighting the decentralized and transparent character of Bitcoin.
She is nonetheless upbeat about cryptocurrencies’ future despite regulatory obstacles, estimating that institutional adoption will fuel the market’s potential $25 trillion growth by 2030.
Editor’s note: AI was used to help write this article. Edited and verified with facts by Stacy Elliott.
What Makes Cathie Wood Positive About Solana

Onchain AVAX

Not only VCs transferred $AVAX to the exchange, but some Smart Whales also made similar moves
3 hours ago, A Whale deposited 292.6K $AVAX ($6.25M) to #Coinbase at ~23.6$
This whale accumulated $AVAX from May 15 – September 18 with an average entry of ~$14. It is estimated that this Whale profit is about 68% (2.17M$)
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The Other News

Today’s market just had a decline, it’s almost the end of the week and there’s been a lot of good news coming out. Today is also the final deadline for Bitcoin Spot ETF approval. If there is no decision, the next deadline is January 10!
  • $KAS – Binance Futures will launch KAS perpetual contract with up to 50x leverage
  • $LOOK – LookRare waives all applicable protocol fees on LookRare V2 Marketplace and LookRare Seaport for one month.
  • $ALPHA – Stella launches the second phase of the ARB incentive program
  • $TRADE – Polytrade plans to launch RWA Marketplace in December. PolyTrade uses Ondo Finance, OpenEden, Goldfinch Finance, 4K, Swarm Markets, Pine and Maple Finance to build this Marketplace.
  • $UNIBOT – Upgraded algorithm to launch Unibot X independently
  • Lumoz (prev. Opside) will launch ZK-Rollup based on Polygon CDK and Celestia in December. Lomoz is a quite prominent ZK-RaaS with a rapidly growing ecosystem from T8 onwards.

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