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Coming soon: New $250,000 Bounty Campaign by PaynetCoin

PAYN is a TRC20-based electronic digital money coin that is available to the worldwide community for collecting. As it addresses both the challenges of scalability and usability in payments in the travel and service sectors throughout the world.

Bounty Campaign

This is PaynetCoin’s largest bounty campaign to date, based on the amount of money winnable.

The largest bounty program was created with the sole aim of encouraging PAYN throughout the cryptocurrency community. The winner of the award will be determined by integrating the FMCPAY blockchain to the PaynetCoin social network.

Paynet Coin would pay a maximum reward of $250,000 (paid in PAYN tokens) once biggest participants have been identified.

There are a variety of platforms through which PaynetCoin is offering tokens to bounty hunters. The Bounty Program link will be open on September 20th, 2021. Please look forward to PaynetCoin’s Announcement.

What do Bounty Hunters have to DO?

You will be rewarded for your contributions through the bounty program. To be eligible for the prizes, you must meet certain requirements, such as joining our official Telegram Group and Telegram Channel. Do not leave the group before the campaign ends.

Every participant must complete the appropriate registration form. Without appropriate registration, submitting an application on the thread will result in no match inside our counting application.

Check the wallet address you provided in the form; you won’t be able to change it until the incentive period has ended.

Any application that contains incorrect information will be rejected immediately.

Thanks for your support!

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