Top 10 Google cryptocurrency-related questions

What people eventually look for on Google provides honest insights into the real mindset, typically displaying their interest, fear and range of other emotions about a particular topic. We dived deep into the web to locate the most Googled queries regarding cryptocurrencies in order to determine investor mood during a bear market that has failed to find a bottom.

The top 10 cryptocurrency-related Google searches show a rise in general investor curiosity, as seen by the two “Whys,” three “Whats,” and five “Hows” that appear in the searches. Let’s go over the most popular cryptocurrency-related Google searches in order of popularity.

What is cryptocurrency?

Even now, thirteen years after cryptocurrencies began upending traditional finance, “What is cryptocurrency?” is the most frequently asked Google query by ordinary investors. This Google search dominates the second most crypto-related Google search by approximately five (4.7) times, with a global search volume (GV) of 256,000.

This demonstrates the need for, and the considerable scope of, public education regarding cryptocurrency. Despite the obvious conflict of interest, crypto entrepreneurs from all over the world set aside their disagreements and concur that raising awareness of cryptocurrencies among the general public may act as a catalyst for widespread adoption.

What is crypto?

Surprisingly, the second most popular cryptocurrency query on Google is actually a variation of the first query, which is “What is crypto?” When paired with its predecessor, the question’s GV of 54,000 reinforces the argument for teaching the general public about cryptocurrency.

The what-question draws attention to the general public’s ignorance and the need to reduce the learning curve for novice and prospective investors.

How to invest in cryptocurrency?

“How to invest in cryptocurrencies” is the first investment-related query that ranks among the top three Google searches. The Googled question, which has a GV of 44,000, demonstrates growing interest in cryptocurrency investing despite the protracted down market.

The keywords also draw attention to the need to streamline the cryptocurrency investment process. This suggests that trading systems should be redesigned to make them easier to use for novice investors switching from traditional finance.

What is crypto mining?

The fourth-ranked Google search, “What is crypto mining,” has a GV of 37,000 and is, unexpectedly, the most logical next step when studying about the cryptocurrency ecosystem in-depth.

Investors that have a basic grasp of the cryptocurrency ecosystem often consider mining as a way to use cryptocurrencies to generate passive income. A common search that dates back to the early days of cryptocurrency is the idea of using an outdated computer to earn bitcoins by supporting the network. However, pre-built mining rigs have made it possible for new miners to think of cryptocurrency mining as a feasible profession.

How to buy cryptocurrency?

Given the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, “How to acquire cryptocurrency” ranks sixth among searches for cryptocurrency-related terms on Google. The GV of 36,000 indicates a clear desire to buy bitcoins.

Bear markets are frequently seen as the ideal moment to make high-yield investments. As the market is ready to return into a bull run, current and new investors are racing to locate such opportunities given the lowering prices.

Why is crypto crashing?

Google’s top searches for “why is crypto crashing?” were impacted by protracted bear markets as investors looked for an answer. Numerous crypto ecosystems suffered irreparable damage as a result of the 2022 bear market, which saw millions of dollars disappear overnight. Thus, a GV of 33,000 was indicated by the Google search.

Negative investor mood spread around the world as a result of the prices’ continuing freefall and the lack of any visible support to buffer the fall. Despite the losses, investors have been forced to reevaluate using Bitcoin (BTC) and other well-known cryptocurrencies as hedges against declining purchasing power due to inflation in traditional finance.

How does cryptocurrency work?

With a GV of 27,000, “How does cryptocurrency function,” a crucial query posed by today’s investors, ranks as the ninth most Googled subject concerning cryptocurrencies.

After significant losses, the public perception of a cryptocurrency project’s inner workings has changed. Understanding how cryptocurrencies (or a specific cryptocurrency project) operate enables investors to become aware of any potential hidden hazards.

Why is crypto down?

The general public queries, “Why is crypto down,” leading to a GV of 21,000 as a consequence of well-known projects like Polygon consistently making news for service interruptions.

Investors frequently turn to the internet for solutions when projects are compelled to halt withdrawals and freeze cash for a variety of reasons. The fact that this search made the top 10 list demonstrates the enormous rise in service shutdowns. The main causes of unfavorable investor sentiment are delayed services and blockchain outages.

How to create a cryptocurrency?

Many people believe that developing, promoting, and selling their own cryptocurrency is preferable than buying something that has already been developed. With a GV of 14,000, “how to establish a cryptocurrency” is now the ninth most popular Google search in the cryptocurrency industry.

Nowadays, anyone may launch their own coins thanks to off-the-services. But just starting a cryptocurrency without intending to address a use case will ultimately fail.

How to trade cryptocurrency?

“How to trade cryptocurrency” is the tenth most popular Google query, with a GV of 13,000, coming in last. Despite the rising widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies, investors continue to look into new ways to trade them.

Crypto platforms have begun to offer services suited to the region’s regulatory needs based on the countries. Investors must conduct research to determine the best platforms for trading cryptocurrencies while maintaining compliance with local legislation.


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