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TT-Swap (TTS) will be listed on FMCPAY Exchange

FMCPAY Exchange is delighted to announce to you that FMCPAY will list TT-Swap (TTS).

On December 1st, we will officially cooperate and list TT-Swap Token (TTS) on FMCPAY Exchange and are ready to trade.

  • Users can now start depositing TTS in preparation for trading.
  • Withdrawals for TTS also available on December 1st.

About TT-SWAP Token

Looking into the distant future, as the demand for the above Blockchain conversion increases, so will the need to use TT-Swap (TTS) in their ecosystem.

The most anticipated event in the journey of TT-Swap Ecosystem, which is expected by the community, will take place on December 1, 2021. With a series of programs, functions are as follows.
The Swap function has been opened, and TTS is officially withdrawn on December 1st. It is now possible to withdraw TTS from the Airdrops.
Luckyspin and betstar games will be running during this time.
Launch Staking program, with unique policy, high TTS profit, and attractive reward of 9% BNB on total Staking community from BNB for those with qualified Staking sales.

Therefore, the need to find and create another blockchain solution to replace Ethereum is inevitable. So, from a positive perspective, when the demand for blockchain conversion increases, the demand for using TT-Swap (TTS) in our ecosystem will also increase.

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The TT-Swap Token is resistant to social fluctuations. TTS is committed to improving and developing the community’s financial resources.

We think of TTS when we think of growth and wealth.

We believe that our collaboration will help FMCPAY Exchange achieve success and add value to the community.

Special Event: On collaborating with TT-Swap, we decide to give away 1000 TTS for the first 5000 transactions with TTS.

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