fmcapy us headline cpi rebounded while core cpi maintained a downward trend

US headline CPI rebounded, while core CPI maintained a downward trend

The most important news of the past day is still the Consumer Price Index (CPI). US headline CPI rebounded, while core CPI maintained a downward trend. US seasonally unadjusted annual CPI rate in August recorded 3.7%, a new high since May this year. It recovered for the second time in a row. The non-seasonally adjusted annual core CPI rate in August recorded 4.3%, which is a new low since September 2021 and has fallen for six consecutive months. The adjusted monthly CPI rate US season recorded 0.6% in August, a new high since June 2022.

US core inflation rose faster than expected in August, highlighting the difficulty in easing price pressures. Data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday showed that core CPI, which excludes food and energy costs, increased 0.3% monthly since July, the first increase in six months. month. The monthly base interest rate increased by 4.3%, in line with expectations and the smallest increase in the past two years. Economists believe the core index reflects underlying inflation better than the headline CPI. Gasoline costs accounted for more than half of the overall CPI increase in August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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