What is Fusionist?

What is Fusionist (ACE)? Unpacking Binance Launchpool’s Freshest GameFi

Fusionist marks the first Launchpool project following Richard Teng’s appointment as CEO of Binance. What is Fusionist? Let’s delve into this highly impactful upcoming GameFi project with FMCPAY.

What is Fusionist (ACE)?

Fusionist is a groundbreaking project combining Blockchain gaming (Fusionist) and a Social Infrastructure Layer (Endurance). Developed by an experienced team in Unity and HDRP technology, Fusionist aims to provide high-quality products and engaging gaming experiences. The goal is to foster a unique and innovative web3 gaming environment.

In January 2023, Fusionist officially launched the Endurance Mainnet — a decentralized game/social blockchain offering various gaming and social options (Expedition, Auction House, ACE domain, Beta testing, etc.). This allows users to comfortably play, socially interact, and earn. The project currently features three NFT games, and the listed games on Fusionist are promised to “bring a new height to the GameFi world”.

What is Fusionist
What is Fusionist?

What is Fusionist Key Features?

1. Unique Fusion of Game and Finance

Fusionist blends gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi), creating a unique ecosystem where players can enjoy gaming while earning money and participating in financial activities.

2. Support from Top Partners and Investors   

Fusionist has received high praise and funding from leading cryptocurrency partners and investors, such as Binance Labs and FunPlus. This backing provides crucial resources and support for the project.

3. Diverse GameFi Ecosystem

Fusionist has built a diverse GameFi ecosystem with various games and features, offering multiple opportunities for players to engage and enjoy diverse gaming experiences on the Fusionist platform.

4. Blockchain and NFT Technological Development

Leveraging blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Fusionist creates valuable virtual games and assets. With the rapid advancement of this technology, Fusionist has the potential to capitalize on the benefits and opportunities offered by blockchain and NFTs.

5. Building a Gamer Community

Fusionist emphasizes the creation and development of a gamer community as a crucial factor. By organizing interactive social activities and providing earning opportunities through gaming, Fusionist attracts the interest and participation of the gaming community.

What is Fusionist background
What is Fusionist background

Fusionist Ecosystem


1. What is Endurance?

Endurance serves as the infrastructure platform and the main network of Fusionist. It stores all user activities and achievements on the chain through the use of BOAT (Bound On-Chain Achievement Token). Endurance is an upgrade from the Alpha Prestige (ap.fusionist.io), a user-focused interactive reward system with a community of over 130,000 high-quality web3 users. The next update will transform Endurance into a side-chain of the project. By converting Achievement Points (AP) into ACE tokens, Endurance establishes user connections, ensuring transparency, privacy, and security for the entire system.

The Fusionist Endurance Coalition (F.E.C) is responsible for Endurance product development. F.E.C is a collection of innovative Web3 studios with a mission to build Endurance as an entertainment-focused application chain.

Since its launch in January 2023, Endurance has accumulated over 1.92 million token-holding wallets and exceeded 118 million transactions.

What is Endurance?
What is Endurance?

2. Endurance Features

– Endurance Explorer (fusionist.io)

– Multi-layer architecture for scalability and modular reuse.

– API and tools for a rich blockchain ecosystem.

– Explorer for real-time analysis of blocks, transactions, contracts, and accounts on the blockchain.

– Governance/Staking App for easy proposal, voting, and delegation.

– API providing valuable information on NFTs and DeFi.

– Client interface for Web3 JSON-RPC with 100% Ethereum network compatibility.

– Management modules for chain management, including deposit and slashing.

– Real-time execution capability with 100% EVM compatibility.

– Consensus mechanism: Proof-of-Stake combined with Proof-of-Authority.

– Network protocol: Implementation of P2P communication protocol between validators and nodes.

– Storage and State: Provides key-value storage and Merkle Tree State storage, optimized for high throughput.

Endurance Features
Endurance Features

3. Adding Endurance Network on MetaMask

Step 1. Open MetaMask and select “Add Network”

Step 2. Enter Endurance Network information

   – Network Name: Endurance

   – New RPC URL: https://rpc-endurance.fusionist.io

   – Chain ID: 648

   – Currency Symbol: ACE

   – Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.endurance.fusionist.io/

Step 3. Save the settings


Fusionist offers three visually stunning NFT games:

  • Colonize: A sci-fi AAA game where players explore and settle on new planets, facing challenges to discover resources and build their empires.
  • Conquer: A P2E strategy game where players fight to conquer new lands, build powerful armies, battle enemies, and dominate territories to become kings of their kingdoms.
  • Unite: A multiplayer strategy MMO game where players collaborate to build and develop a strong community. They engage in social, trade, and combat activities, working together to achieve common goals.

ACE Domain

ACE domain (ANS) is a decentralized domain project. Users can use ANS to interact with the ecosystem (wallets, websites, blockchain). With ANS, users no longer need to copy and paste long addresses, they can use ACE domains instead.

ACE domain has six unique designs, and it is noteworthy that ACE domains are registered as hash functions. This allows smart contracts to process them with fixed fees. The key difference between .ace domains and .eth domains is that .ace domains are registered on the Endurance blockchain, while .eth domains are registered on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, to register a .ace domain, users need to perform two transactions on the Endurance network. Importantly, .ace domains need to be renewed to remain usable, with an annual renewal fee of 0.5 ACE/year for names with five or more characters. Four-character names cost 5 ACE/year, and three-character names cost 17 ACE/year.

ACE Domain
ACE Domain

BOAT (Bound On-Chain Achievement Token)

BOAT serves as an identification certificate for user contributions in the Fusionist ecosystem. One of BOAT’s roles is to increase the number of ACE tokens users earn daily and provide advantages/benefits related to gaming.

There are a total of 36 types of soul-bound tokens, divided into 5 levels, each level having its own BOAT allocation. When users meet the Mint BOAT conditions at any level, they can access the ap.fusionist.io page to mint BOAT and receive related BOAT benefits.


What is Fusionist (ACE) Tokenomics?

1. Token Metrics

– Token Name: Fusionist

– Ticket: ACE

– Blockchain: Endurance

– Token Type: Utility, Governance

– Total Supply: 147,000,000 ACE

– Initial Circulating Supply: 21,969,520 ACE (14.95% of total supply)

ACE token release schedule
ACE token release schedule

2. Token Allocation

ACE token allocation
ACE Token Allocation
Token Allocation Details
ACE Token Distribution

3.  Token Utility

– ACE is a utility and governance token in the ecosystem. ACE’s utility includes:

– Gas fees

– Rewards for node operators

– Purchase of items, NFTs within the gaming ecosystem

– Used for staking

4. Launchpool Token Details

– Token Name: Fusionist (ACE)

– Total Supply: 147,000,000 ACE

– Launchpool Token Reward: 10,290,000 ACE (7% of total supply)

– Initial Circulating Supply: 21,969,520 ACE (14.95% of total supply)

– Smart Contract Addresses: Endurance, BNB Smart Chain

– Staking Requirements: KYC required

– Hourly Hard Cap per User:

  • 6,860 ACE in BNB pool
  • 1,715 ACE in FDUSD pool

– Supported Pools:

  • Stake BNB: 8,232,000 ACE rewards (80%)
  • Stake FDUSD: 2,058,000 ACE rewards (20%)

What is Fusionist (ACE) Roadmap?

1. Q1/2024:

– Launch Endurance L2, OP-Endurance

– Introduce partner games on OP-Endurance

– Launch a new Fusionist game on OP-Endurance

2. Q2/2024:

– Upgrade Endurance Mainnet to support Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZK)

– Official launch of Fusionist

3. Q3/2024:

– Endurance gaming ecosystem expands with over 20 products

What is Fusionist (ACE) Team?

The Fusionist project team has not disclosed their identities yet. However, the project has confirmed that it comprises outstanding individuals with extensive experience in the electronic gaming industry, having worked for top enterprises such as Tencent and Moonton.

Fusionist Team
Fusionist Team

What is Fusionist (ACE) Partners and Investors?

In January 2022, Fusionist successfully raised $6.6 million from Binance Labs and FunPlus. This significant investment has played a crucial role in the development and promotion of the Fusionist project in the GameFi sector.

Fusionist has established partnerships in various fields to support and develop the project:

  1. FlameTechLabs: Collaborating in the development of ACE Domains, an essential extension of the Fusionist ecosystem.
  2. CrossBell: Playing a social role in Fusionist’s Endurance system.
  3. Space Animals: Developing a game on the Fusionist platform.
  4. Hana Hana: Serving as an unofficial Endurance chain dashboard.

These partnerships are instrumental in developing and enhancing the value of the Fusionist project, combining talents and expertise to deliver excellent experiences to the gaming community.


Fusionist Information Channels

– Website: https://www.fusionist.io/

– Twitter: https://twitter.com/fusionistio

– Medium: https://medium.com/@fusionistio

– Discord: https://discord.com/invite/fusionist


With its unique blend of gaming and finance, a diverse ecosystem, a strong player community, and support from leading partners, Fusionist has the potential to develop into a significant player in the GameFi space in the future.


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